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Based in San Francisco, Marily Nika works for Google as an Artificial Intelligence Product Manager and a part-time Teaching Fellow for Harvard Business Analytics where she runs a forum series on Technical Product Management. Marily holds a Ph.D in Computer Science & Epidemiology from Imperial College London.

Marily’s role at Google focuses on developing Speech technology products that give users the ability to interact to their devices by voice. In 2017 Marily lead the launch of Speech Recognition for 30 language varieties in features like its virtual keyboard Gboard on Android and in voice search, including Greek. In 2017, Marily initiated the development of a. ‘greeklish’ keyboard, that allowed users to type greek in latin characters with a greek output that had the correct orthography.

Outside of her day job, Marily has delivered three TEDx talks and has received international recognition — including the Woman of the Year 2018 Award by everywoman as well as the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Influence Award in 2015 awarded to her by HRH princess Anne in London for empowering the Women in tech & science community in various ways. Marily has co-founded 3 Women in Tech communities that have over 10k members globally (Geekettes, Wonder Women Tech, Bay Area Women in Voice, Greek Women in Tech – Lean-in, Greek ACM-W Chapter) and is also actively involved in the startup scene as she serves as an advisor for 3 startups in the EdTech, FinTech and Environmental Tech space.

Why do you think you should win the GIWA in your field of expertise?

I believe I should be considered for the GIWA in Science & Technology because:
1. I am a computer scientist with a proven track record of leveraging technology in order to improve the lives of millions of users all over the globe, global career.
2. Outside of my day role, I have dedicated my life to supporting and championing the current and future generation of Women in STEM in every way I can. I have been an ambassador and an inspirational role model and humanitarian with global recognition that has as a life goal to aspire women to join a career in the fascinating field of technology.

If I receive the GIWA in Science & Technology, I will be further empowered and will feel more confident and passionate than ever about STEM, and this will help both me grow professionally and personally but also it will help me keep going in order to aspire the younger generation.

What is the international aspect of your career?

  • Marily has held roles varying across Data Science, Research Science and AI Product Management at companies like Google and Facebook. Moreover, she serves as a part-
  • time teaching fellow at Harvard Business Analytics, supporting a course on “Digital Innovation and Strategy” and leading a forum series on Product Management.
    ● Marily has worked for Facebook in London in 2014 as a PhD Data Analyst intern
    ● After having been based in London for 8 years, she moved to San Francisco to join Google’s HQ in California full-time. She has now been in the USA for 5 years.
    ● Outside of her day role, Marily has organized and been involved in ~30 global events which included: children’s hackathons, panels for women in tech, developing coding curricula for school tech clubs, as well as workshops for improving technical skills and multiple mentorship schemes for London, the US and all over the globe.
    ● Marily developed the UK coding curriculum for Girls in Tech coding clubs taught in 3 schools in the UK and presented at one school in San Diego.
    ● Marily co-founded 3 women in tech communities
    o The Geekettes (5k members)
    o 1st Women in Computing group at Imperial College (700 members)
    o Is part of the core team of the WonderWomenTech (8k members globally)
    o Founded the global Greek Women in Tech & Science group (~600 members)
    o Founded the Bay Area Women in Voice community

Why your achievements are an inspiration for others?

Because I am a role model that they can relate to. I write a variety of articles that explain how anyone can enter computer science and this provides a path forward for the younger generation (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/10276792/Is-computer-science-for-you.html) and I receive many messages with people that are making the leap.
I have mentored over 4k people in total all over the world. A great example is Lindiwe, which was inspired and decided to set up mHUB, the first tech hub in Malawi which allowed more than 2,000 women to be trained in basic to advanced computer skills (more details at mhubmw.com). This grew to be one of the biggest in the region, with unprecedented media exposure and interest from local lawmakers….


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