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José Arraño Acevedo

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(1921 – 2009)
José Santos Arraño Acevedo studied at the Escuela de los Hermanos Maristas, in San
Fernando. He was a Chilean journalist and historian, who worked in several regionalnewspapers, including El Rancagüino from Rancagua, La Discusión from Chillán ,and others. He also wrote two books on the history of Pichilemu: Pichilemu y SusAlrededores Turísticos and Hombres y Cosas de Pichilemu . During his last years, he hosted a radio programme called La Hora de José Arraño Acevedo, which was
broadcast for almost a decade. His phrase "¡Qué lindo es Pichilemu!" ("How beautiful became famous during his time as a radio host.

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