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Cooptalis | Ανακοίνωση προσλήψεων για Οδοντογιατρούς στη Γαλλία.

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Η Ένωση Αποφοίτων Λεοντείου Λυκείου εγκαινιάζει τη συνεργασία της με τη γαλλική εταιρεία Cooptalis!

Cooptalis is a French fast-growing company based in Marcq en Baroeul in the northern part of France near the city of Lille. Cooptalis was founded in 2012 and has been developing ever since. We are a fast-growing company of 450 employees and generated 12 million euros turn-over last year.
Our company is a leader in the Mobility & Expatriation segment. We aim to identify talent abroad to offer them competitive job offers in France and as from January 2019 in Canada. The services offered go beyond linking potential candidates to job offers, we aim to provide a 360 % approach to a successful integration of a foreign candidate in an enterprise from both the employee and the employer prospective. Thus, Cooptalis is helping IT and Medical professionals through different aspects : international recruitment, immigration procedures, relocation services.


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